A young researcher calculates the Mortality Cost of Carbon. The number is staggering.
Unveils new law to cut emissions 55% by 2030. Ditch combustion engine by 2035.
Some places on earth have already reached the limits of human tolerance for short periods of time. Scientists say it will get worse.
Prestigious global science collective study says extreme Pacific heatwave "virtually impossible" without climate change.
Residential redlining in the 1930s created mightily to today's urban heat disasters.
New energy sources are useless if they can't get to users. The U.S. electrical grid is straining under demands for more clean power and increasingly ex…
Climate scientists have been warning of this disaster for 30 years.
Battelle and its partners have successfully concluded a nearly 20-year CCUS pilot project associated with the Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Par…
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